Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We started Frank on Sulfa, a very old sulfur based antibiotic. We continue to treat the wound topically three times per day, covering it with Bactroban.

This photo has NOTHING to do with this post!
I just thought you might like to see the boys with their friends on our trip a week ago (or was it two?) to Salt Lake City. They had a great time playing in a field and with the drainage pipe.

This report will mean more to some of you than most, but I have so many nurses in my Circle of Life, that I thought you might just like to peek at the details...
Wound Culture (Aerobic)
ISO1 (Final)
Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus To Furter Be Identified
Staphylococcus epidermidis

Gram St (Final)
Moderate WBC
No Organisms Seen

Clindamycin (CD) R
Gentamicin (GM) <=1 S Levofloxacin (LV) 4 R Linezolid (LNZ) <=1 S Oxacillin (OX) >1 R
Penicillin (P) >1 R
Rifampin (RIF) <=0.5 S Vancomycin (V) 2 S
So. I actually wish I understood more of what this report is saying, but I do understand that Frank has a Superbug, and the Arytomycin we've been giving him has likely been feeding the bug rather than killing it. :P

Two weeks (or so) on the new Sulfa and then a follow up. Surgery is pretty much a definite, once we clear up this infection.

We are blessed that he remains strong and healthy and feeling well... just the site of the infection that we are trying to clear. Even the site feels good (unless we're cleaning it, then it's uncomfortable for him).

Frank has been having me tell him stories about his previous surgeries. He also likes finding his previous PICC Line scars (one on each arm). I think it helps him to know that he survived all this before... and he doesn't even remember it!

Last night when I told him he had a "Superbug" and he would need more medicine before surgery, he said "Well, that's a good thing!... I can take medicine and wait longer to have my surgery." I LOVED his happy attitude toward the fact that we'd made some progress!!!

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Anonymous said...

You all are troupers working on this. It has to drain you all even Frank. Hang tough and it will be a memory soon enough just like the first one.