Tuesday, November 25, 2008


At 4:15pm yesterday, the final results of Frank's lab-work came in. He has an Unidentified Staph Infection which is multi-drug resistant (ie: it is resistant to MANY common antibiotics). The local doctor isn't "blowing me off", but he's not trained in this and wants us to see an Infectious Disease Specialist.

I did call back and tell the nurse that I WILL travel for to see the Specialist, but that it is Incovienent, Expensive, and (I feel) Unnecessary. I just don't see the need to drive Frank three hours just for the doctor to look at the lab report, reveiw the CaT Scan, confirm with other doctors that there is an infection, and then just shake my hand and glance at Frank.

So, we are waiting to hear when and where (phone or in person) that appointment will be.


Heather said...

Did you tell them that you previously were diagnosed with MRSA? It could speed up the process if they know there is a hostory of staph infections in the home...

Tonia said...

Oh, good thought! I didnt know anyone in the home had MRSA, but that would help Im sure for them to know that.