Sunday, November 09, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not

Tom has a snaggle tooth.

Ever since I met him, he takes scraps of paper and folds them to a point, or grabs a business card and swipes it between his snaggle tooth and other teeth. He does this after he eats - every time.

In his whole life (46 years), Tom has had four TOTAL cavities and fillings, all of them minor. While we were in California we went to the dentist for our teeth cleanings. Tom had something like EIGHT new cavities... including one in his snaggle tooth. Since the Tortuous-Two-Dentist-Four-Hour-Filling on his precious (he got it when his lower jaw was broken at a bar on his 21st birthday - ah... the memories!) snaggle tooth, no paper will fit in between the teeth. He now needs to use dental floss.

After dinner tonight. Tom ask Jack to go get him some floss... Jack looked like a deer in the headlights, because he didn't know what or where the floss was. Fast as a Flash, Frank ran upstairs and returned with a little piece of floss for Tom... a VERY little piece.

From across the room, I guessed it was 7 or 6 inches, Tom said 5. I measured. I was right. It was 6 5/8".

I LOVE it when I can quantify how right I am!!!

As Tom said "Waste not, want not."

And if you're wondering, 6 5/8" of dental floss was JUST enough for Tom to wrap around his fingers and swipe through the snaggle tooth. :D

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