Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knitting Ugh!

So. I've been making progress on my sock for my Aunt. I'm ready to do the first heel. But I'm thinking there will be a difference on the leg part, so I review my notes. I don't understand... my cables go straight up the middle of the sock. I look on Ravelry, and sure enough, EVERYONE else's go zig-zagging around...

This Sock is by TheBlackSheep.

See how beautiful their pattern shows up on a solid colored yarn.
Why am I bothering to even try a pattern on a varigated yarn?
Is it so my "mistakes" aren't as visible,
and when I switch to a solid color I can do it right?
Yeah... that must be it!

I've ONLY been working on these stupid sock six months now! I realize that I would have to take out 36 rows (which is over half my work) in order to put move the cables around. My question to you is, would it look totally weird for the cables to be straight on the top of the foot, and then start twisting and turning on the leg? When you're not looking at other versions, and only at the one's I've made, would this look balanced and okay, or should I RIP it (almost) all out and START ALL OVER AGAIN.

This Sock is by SuzyQSparkles.

Where is my pattern at?
Why am I photographing with the flash at night?
Is it so I can post to my blog while I'm thinking about it,
or so I can be
really exhausted tomorrow because I stayed up too late worrying about A STUPID SOCK!!!?

Also. Are these "ugh" feelings normal in knitting?

I think they are normal in life, so maybe they are normal in knitting too.

PS: After writing this post, I took some pictures of the sock. Granted it's late and I should be in bed. This also means, the flash is going off and you loose some depth, but I realize that mostly you just don't see the stitch pattern in the sock... at least on screen. This makes me feel *a little* better about the design not being "pattern perfect".


TheBlackSheep said...

OK, here's my humble opinion: Are you happy with the way the sock looks (sorry, can't see it in the pic)? If the answer is yes, then don't frog. There's no law that says you must do things exactly as the pattern says (fortunately, because it's been a while since I've done that - may have been those socks actually) and if the result looks good, then go for it! I'll never forget how I used to AGONIZE over the stitch count picking up the gusset when I first learned to knit socks. I figured if I hadn't done every stitch just right, they weren't good enough. Then I realized that no one was ever going to spend the time looking at my socks long enough to find that one, or two, or three stitches out of place. People weren't going to start lifting up my trouser leg while I was out having dinner and say, "oh hey, you missed a stitch!".

Three years later? I know I was right. No one ever noticed any of those missed/dropped and fixed/picked up one accidentally and reduced to compensate stitches. So, now I go with the does it fit, look good and can I live with it question. I only frog if it's a question of fit or if the "mistake" really bothers me because chances are, no one else is going to notice.

And thanks for linking to my sock! It's flattering to see it somewhere other than on my Rav page! :0)

marie*jolie said...

Variegated yarns are tricky...I tend to avoid them entirely unless I'm knitting something that doesn't have texture to it. Otherwise it can get too busy. Hang in there! The "ugh" moments are normal. :)

Becky said...

Suzy, it's a sock, most of the time it will be covered by a shoe. Sometimes in our quest for perfection we get too caught up in the way we think things should be. Personally I am just impressed that you are willing to attempt sock making. I haven't moved past dishcloths yet:)