Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keith. Mom. Here's a post for you! :P

I have talked before about the complimentary Adobe Photoshop Action Sets, from The Pioneer Woman. Today, I'll show you some more I've been playing with.

Here is a photo of Frank I took yesterday. This is "SOOC" (Straight Out Of the Camera).

I enjoyed playing with it as follows (cropped, sepia, heartland, and colorized):

I love the original color version, but it's interesting to see how colorizing or removing the color causes your eye to travel to things like the lips and eyes. With Frank's pale coloring, removing the color really brings the focus to his eyes, and somewhat to his lips.

Then Tom snatched my new camera and snapped his first picture on it... of me. Here it is SOOC.

I cropped it (with a slight rotation) and the applied The Pioneer Woman's "Lovely and Ethereal" Action... which warmed the colors and softened the edges.

Since Tom's Best Friend Keith sent me an AMAZING GIFT... a new digital camera, I've been taking and editing lots of pictures... but I realize (through constant reminders from Keith and my Mom) that I HAVE been stingy about sharing the results. I will make every effort to rectify that, know this though, I have just one week until I start back to college, and two weeks until Frank starts school.

So the luxury of "free time" I've been enjoying is about to disappear! Knowing this, I've been taking full advantage of being lazy (well, lazy for me anyway!). I've been playing silly PC games, going to the parks, taking pictures, perusing magazines, and generally not getting a lot done. I think it's good to allow ourselves a break once in a while. Mine is almost over though, and I do look forward to the return to productivity and general busyness!

What have you been enjoying lately?


Anonymous said...

Well we have been busy camping and more camping and canning and more canning, I am sad to see the summer fly by so soon, we have much harvesting to do and school starts so quickly, I am glad that you have had a relaxing time, what's the specs on the new camera?wyogirl1

Celise said...

Reading, going to the movies, revising Book One, and getting ready for school. Frank looks so grown! I can't wait to see pics of him when he gets to high school.

SuzyQSparkles said...

I can! Wait to see him in high school. He still curls up in my lap to be rocked... he's up to my arm pit and probably close to 70 lbs, but still such a sweet, sensitive boy. I think I need a glider-love-seat / porch swing so he and I can still sit and rock as he continues to grow!

Hey. BTW, take a look at those pics of him, click on them and blow them up... isn't his scar healing nicely!?

Anonymous said...

yOu are getting some great pictures with that camera