Thursday, August 27, 2009

Knitting & Crochet - Finishing Spree

Today I can pat myself on the back… I went on a little finishing spree and tied the ends into twelve different projects. I did it, while babysitting, during nap time. It only took a few minutes and now a feel a fresh breath of knitting air… not to mention my knitting bags now have ROOM in them again! Yeah me!!! :D

The neighbor girl is modeling for me...

This funky little "Faux" Scarf (Bento by Berroco #255 Design)...

When I was in Pleasanton, CA, last year, I liked the pattern and the yarn. Now that I've made the scarf (eleven months later) I'm not sure why I liked it so much. Hmm. In any case, it was always destined to be a gift since it really is a lightweight little decoration, and here, in Wyoming, we need REAL scarves! If anyone is in love with this, you should let me know... perhaps you'll find it in your mailbox!

I struggled to finish this silly Superman washcloth for MONTHS!

I've decided I should just crochet my dishclothes / washclothes.

I can pump these little coasters (or dishclothes) out SO FAST ... as long as I'm crocheting them.

Actually, while I'm at this Yarn Posting, would you like to know how to make these little crocheted gems? It's really very simple, but I have written it down for you...

Quick Crocheted Coaster
With a bit of scrap cotton and a 6mm (G) hook you can quickly make a pile of coasters for yourself (or, I like to give them as a Hostess Gift).

Approximate Finished Size 4¼" Diameter
1. CH 6.
2. Connect to first chain with CH making a loop.
3. Add SC in back loop (one or two per chain as needed to keep flat).
Make six continuous rounds (like a snail).
4. CH in next SC. Cut a 2” tail and weave into back of coaster.

Here's another knitted cloth... took me FOREVER!

My favorite part of the Red, White, and Blue "Tribble" is the picture with the little hands holding it. I had Jack kneel (he had black fleece pants on today), in the sunlight, and I took a flash-free close up photo with my new camera. I think it's a nice photo! :D

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trisha too said...

that scarf is CUTE! hey, don't we all have unfinished projects?

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projects waiting their turn?