Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adjectives & Adverbs from A Trip

After four days "in the field", on a bus, and without family or showers, I've just cleanup up, cuddled and filled my belly. Here is a "quick" list of words describing my school trip.
  1. Great.
  2. Fun.
  3. Relaxing.
  4. Exhausting.
  5. Stimulating.
  6. Thought provoking.
  7. Inspiring.
  8. Awesome.
  9. Ponderous.
  10. Bewilderment.
  11. Aching.
  12. Hot.
  13. Cold.
  14. Stinky.
  15. Hungry.
  16. Windy.
  17. Gleeful.
  18. Silly.
  19. Joking.
  20. Laughter.
  21. Irreverent.
  22. Goofy.
  23. Cleavages.
  24. Informative.
  25. Sharing.
  26. Valuable.
  27. Assertive.
  28. Accountable.
  29. Counting.
  30. Deduction.
  31. Reason.
  32. Observation.
I will follow this with pictures soon. :D


Anonymous said...

So they all soung great, except for the cleavages, not sure I understand that one!wyogirl1

SuzyQSparkles said...

Cleavages = Geologic Term = sheered off angles of a rock = some minerals have one, two, three, or many cleavages.

On the trip, cleavages became another word for aspects of one's personality. So, intelligent, athletic, kind, etc. As we discovered more about a person, we would say "we just discovered you have another cleavage" which is like "we see you have another side to your personality".

Get it?
Got it?