Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Busy Times and Jack

I keep telling myself that I can handle what I have "taken on". But this week, all things seem to be intersecting! Visiting friends, school photos, a four day Field Trip, PTO volunteer work. Everything has to happen NOW!!!

I decided to pause and share a few quick Smile-Inducing-Photos of Jack...

Last week I went by for a Study Group in my Geology Lab. While we waited for the other students, my Professor sat down and chatted with Jack (for 30 minutes!) about Jack's rocks. Here, Jack is doing a "streak test" of Pyrite on a piece of porcelain.

In the end, Jack tried to trade rocks with the Professor, but Dr. Love gave Jack two rocks to add to his collection, and Jack started pulling new rocks out and properly identifying them. :D

Jack and dirt go hand-in-hand.

Here, he's waiting for Frank at school and I'm testing out my new Telephoto Lens (compliments of who else but Keith!)

This is a series of photos I took just before sunset last week.

Jack had such character about him this day.

From his clothes to his expressions,

This photo shoot was just All Jack!

Here's lookin' at you!



trisha too said...

oh, that brings back memories--our oldest used to collect rocks, as well.

those photos are wonderful--what a cutie!


Celise said...

OMGosh, he's adorable. He's getting so big. And I think we all had rock collections when we were his age. I'm pretty sure I did.