Thursday, September 17, 2009

T Minus Six Days and Counting

Me on a bus filled with ~50 college "kids".

College Field Trip
Physical Geology Science Lab

No hubby.
No children.
No cell phone.

Four days, three nights.
Me with "ONE bag the size of a Paper Grocery Sack" (and a sleeping bag).
This I've GOT to see!!!

Wind River Mountain Range.
South Pass.
Thermopolis Hot Springs.
Damn on a Fault Line.
Yellowstone National Park.
Grand Tetons.
...Fall colors?



Marie-Jolie said...

This is going to be SUPER fun!!! I'm singing nearly the same song this week, except I'm sure my experience will be a bit different. Nevertheless, no kids and no hubby and fun trip! Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!wyogirl1

Anonymous said...

One bag you! strange, very strange. You camped as a girl but packed half your closet when we did. Mom

Celise said...

I'm not much for camping, but it sounds you're visiting some great places. Looking forward to the pics.