Monday, September 07, 2009

Calling all Lego Lovers!

A friend turned us onto the free monthly publication from Lego. My boys love getting their own "mail" (they happen to fall into two different age groups, so we wind up with two different magazines each month).

Every issue has at least one project to make using the "standard" Lego blocks. This month, Jack enjoyed making a dragon.

If you are interested in getting yourself (or someone else) a fun, free publication, visit the Lego Club Magazine online.

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Anonymous said...

Good Job on the dragon Jack! YOu can also order for 39.95 a wonderful gift for kids and they send a magazine and a little lego kit once a month. I am unsure it has been so long since I have done it, it might be every other month or only a couple times yearly, but being a bonified Lego club member has it payoffs, they even use to send yo free Lego land tickets (for the kid) when you signed up! You can submit your creations to the magazine and maybe, just maybe you will get it in the mag, you can even be a kid lego designer if you are good enough (we looked into it once), enough rambling, Lego maniac wyogirl1