Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ahoy, Sourdough!

I recently requested (and received) a Sourdough Starter from my local Freecycle group.

This week, I have done some research and started using the sourdough starter. I have made: Pizza Crust, Pancakes, Banana/Applesauce Bread, Mannaeesh (think Pita-ish), and now English Muffins. I realize that one of the initial reasons I wanted a Starter was to make English Muffins. Still, they seemed a little scary and mysterious. Last night I started them (the dough has to sit for 12-16 hours) and tonight I cooked them.

How can a little pile of bread make me feel so happy!?

They look (and taste) great! I'll let you know how they taste tomorrow for breakfast! :D


Marie-Jolie said...

Suzy! Those look delicious. You are making me REALLY miss baking bread. :( Wish I could run on over and have a bite!

Anonymous said...

we will have to make thiese next time I come up there. They look fun and Yummy.


Anonymous said...

Wow! My mouth is watering! sc

trisha too said...

those look fantastic!

baking bread IS satisfying. it always makes me feel like i've really done something.

Celise said...

I love English muffins! These look so good. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. How's school going?