Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coverstitching and Serging

I just spent (dare I admit it) over 2.5 hours remembering how to switch my serger from a regular Serge stitch to a Coverstitch. Previously, I've only coverstitched in classes and that was well over three years hence. While I still have the manual, it's a little tough when for each of the 13 steps, you have to try to figure out which switch/cover/thing they are telling you to move.

When I finally got it working, I wasn't *thrilled* with the results, but was glad to get the hem done. Then, I thought it would be oh-so-simple to return my serger to it's former serging state. Sadly, after five re-threadings, I sent my friend home (without her dresses sleeves finished) and told her I'd keep working on it. :P

The good news here is that I cleared off (most) of my sewing room surfaces AND got my hands on fabric again. I always love the hum of a machine with the feel of fibers slipping through my fingers... and once I get a taste of it, I remember how therapeutic it is for me and find myself returning to the fabric and machines.


Anonymous said...

Your machine was misbehaving like a naughty teenager, huh?wyogirl1

SuzyQSparkles said...

Yeah... and it's still not working right, even though I let it have the whole weekend off to rest! :P