Friday, December 21, 2007

And They're Off!

This morning I sat in the hotel lobby with Frank, Jack, and Alex while Becky and Abbie slept and Joe loaded the car.
I feel SO SORRY for Becky right now! Yesterday, while watching my boys (so my hubby and I could go for a day of shopping in the city) she came down with Strep Throat. Actually, every since Joe and Becky returned Monday night, she's looked tired and worn out. I figured it was just exhaustion, and maybe it was, but now it's worse.

Yesterday, we drove, and drove. And drove. In a nice storm. Going and coming back from Salt Lake City. It's usually a 2.75 hour drive. Yesterday, we started to head out of SLC at 5:00pm. The storm was settling into the city. The lights were out. The street lights were out. It was slow going. We got on the freeway at 6:00pm (6 miles from where we started) and headed for home. Going into Parley's Canyon, it took us 30 minutes to go three miles. 45 mintues for four miles! In the first hour after we left, we got SEVEN WHOLE MILES!!! There were multiple cars skidded off the road or snuck in the snow and ice, including at least four or five semi-trucks. Those were the BIG hold up. Gratefully, no accidents, just lots of vehicles stuck. That was what the hold up for the hour was. In any case, we FINALLY got home SAFE AND SOUND at 11:20 pm.

Unbeknownst to us, Becky was coming down with Strep yesterday while watching our kiddos. So, we're slow going in the snow, and she's miserable on our couch... I took her to her hotel as soon as we got our van warmed up (I don't drive my hubby's work truck that was already warm). This morning, I took her to the doctor. She got a steroid shot and an antibiotic. After which I watched Alex while Joe finished prepping their vehicle.

Then they left, in another snow storm, for Jackson. It's usally a four hour drive, and miraculously, in the snow, they made it in just under four hours! I'm not sure how Joe did it, but he got Becky to a new place to rest as fast as possible. I just spoke with Becky, and she sounds worse than ever. How would that be? To be in a VERY isolated, cold, snowy, VACATION resort, for Christmas and SO SICK! Hopefully, after a weekend of rest (yeah, with Joe and both kids trapped in a small hotel room) she'll be feeling better in time to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hopefully.

Around here, we've been taking it easy this afternoon. After three weeks of guests, our place is THRASHED. I spent about an hour cleaning up my room, and then snuggled down on the couch with a book. I'm headed back to the book now. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Clean up a bit. Read. Wrap presents.

Suzy :D

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Becky said...

Does it feel so much better to only have 2 kids again! BTW it was a steroid shot, much more effective because it reduces the swelling rather than just numbing the pain:)