Monday, December 03, 2007

What I SHOULD Have Said...

So, what I should have said in my last post was not "why aren't you writting me" but, "I really am isolated up here is Wyoming. I often feel alone and out of the loop. I miss my friends, family, and life in Arizona." That being said, I do enjoy living in Wyoming and I'm not sitting up here wallowing in misery, I just have occassional longings ... usually when I here my friends are getting together for a play date or a Mom's Day Out. Then, I feel a little sad.

All-in-all, life is calmer and simpler here. My hands (which are great barometers of my emotions, because they dry out and bleed when I'm upset) have only had maybe three minor outbreaks since moving up here.

I'm spening more time than ever with my husband and sons. Also, I'm actually producing things (like: fabric and yarn arts and baked goods). For instance, on Saturday morning, the snow was softly falling and I thought up, designed, sewed, and finished a product all in one morning. It felt so good and was quite empowering and encouraging to take something through the whole process (thought-up to finished item). Here is the fleece-lined, flannel poncho I created for Jack on Saturday...he loves it (but hates taking pictures)!

Why the non-water-proof poncho? Well, he has a rain jacket and he has a snow coat, but the snow coat, while warm, is too big to fit in his five-point harness car seat. I've found that it takes so long to get him in and out of the jacket, that we often just carry it while he rushes in or out of a building to the van. So, I wanted something snuggly and warm that would be quick to throw on him for in and out of the van trips. I'm thinking of closing up the sides, either by sewing them or buttons or something, but I do like that it can be opened flat and put on him like a blanket (especially when he's in his car seat, because this too is too big for his harness system. Also, I had this fabric (and even the Superman "S" Logo) sitting in my closet and ready to go.

The poncho's such a hit that Frank too wants one... though I think his will be used more for playing --- he always is running around with a blanket over his head, so, I'll make his hood HUGE so he can hide in it. :D

Suzy :D

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Cricket said...

Have you made any new friends in WY? That might help so you can start setting up play dates and moms day outs in your new neck of the woods. :-)

Plus, once your older son starts in school he will make some new friends so by default you will meet some of the other kids parents as well so that will help!

I know we are in AZ but when you are bummed or lonely it is nice to have a familiar voice to talk or write to. Feel free to call or email when you want to chat.