Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm Addicted...

... to funny personable, reads. This started with Sarah Meland who wrote for the Nimble Thimbles of the Arizona Quilter's Guild. She wrote their newsletters, and the little blurbs that went out in the monthly state-wide publication. I followed her around and commented on her writing (okay, basically, I stalked her) until she roped me into writing the newsletter the next year. A few years later we talked about taking a creative writting class together... but life and schedules got in the way and it never happened. Now, I live 900 miles away and I'm not familiar with any of Sarah's current writings. I miss reading Sarah.

Suddenly though I've found someone new. She's my introduction into the BIG world of Blogging. I think, perhaps, it will be difficult to find others to match her. Perhaps you even know of whom I speak... The Pioneer Woman. Today I just laughed and laughed over a The Relaxed Homeschooler post of hers. Her blog, Confessions of The Pioneer Woman, has me checking in daily... sometimes more.

I think I also enjoy TPW's blog because of her INCREDIBLE photography. I like photography. Have since high school. I was even "A Portrait Photographer" at one point in my past. I use to sit (for a long time) outside places of worship and watch the brides and grooms going round with their photographers. I would dream about what it would be like to be behind the lens. About two years ago I even got to "assist" a friend's husband, Joe Chott... when he was an up-and-coming Wedding Photographer. What a thrill that was! I love setting the people up and catching the candid photos. I love composing the picture... what I'm not so into is the "tech-y stuff". Perhaps one day, my hubby and I can work together... me taking the portraits and him editing them... hmm... something to think about.

So, homeschooling. I've been thinking about it (really since I was pregnant), and looking into it (for about a year). My son, Frank, missed the Kindergarten cut off by 15 days... I was glad of it. He's not ready "emotionally" for public school (not to mention the emotional upheaval of our recent moves). I wonder if he will be in a year. Anyway, on my recent Arizona trip, I started thinking seriously about Homeschooling. I'd like to start... next month... on a Kindergarten program for him. I can take him through it next year, and, if it doesn't work, he'll still be on track to start Kindergarten in the local Public Schools. But, if it does work, like I think it will, all the better. I just spoke with a local educator who mentioned that with the current BOOM in Wyoming, the schools weren't prepared... many local Kindergarten classes are being taught by SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS! They dont' have enough teachers for the number of students. I know I can give my boys (at a 2:1 ratio) SO MUCH more than a 20:1 or 30:1 ratio! Another thing... I spent a LOT more time with my boys during our move this summer. Well, maybe not time, but with my husband traveling, and us moving from our comfort zone (house, friends, everything!) I learned to be a lot more confident of myself as I observed them learning things naturally. Things that make me go "woah!" Things like memorizing where five different states are and what their names are... without me even trying to "teach" this. Or having my 5yo say "why don't you start at zero" when I'm "counting to three" for misbehaviors.

Anyway, this post is far longer than I'd intended, and I've FIANLLY heard all four kids quiet down, so, time for this lady to get some sleep, because some child will surely be up in the next eight hours and I NEED MY SLEEP!

Suzy :D

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