Monday, March 31, 2008

A Great Literary Series

When preparing for my last road trip, I went to the library and checked out several audio-books on CD. One of them was a literary series that we are really enjoying. It is a:
  • Young Adult Fictional Series.
  • Written by a European.
  • About a pre-pubescent boy.
  • The main character is brilliant and extremely wealthy.
  • Audio and Video rights to the series have been sold.
Sound familiar?

Sounds like Harry Potter by JK Rowling, right?

Well, what if I add these points:
  • Written by a Irish Man.
  • About a Criminal-Mastermind.
  • Whose parents are alive and well.
Now do you know who it is?

Artemis Fowl. Written by Eoin Colfer. Currently, there are six books in the series with a movie in the works.
There are also some supplemental materials out like The Artemis Fowl Files.

You should go check it out. Really. Go to your library and check it out! Then, in a few days (that's all it'll take to read the first book), let me know how much you enjoy it!

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A Fanciful Twist said...

Hi Miss Suzy!! Just checkin' in. I am hopeful that your package arrived safely? I sure hope so, let me know!!!!

I LOOOve what you are up to!!! I know you have been on the road, so i worried about you getting your package from moi ;) Happy DAY!!