Monday, March 17, 2008

Kids Art

I feel a little slow to get up-and-running with blogging again... but, since I do enjoy it and the trail of life it gives me, I am chugging away at it.

I've been meaning to give you a tip... you know how kids' art seems to multiply and grow and grow? Well, I put up my favorites, but then, I stash other pieces (right under my cutting mat at my multi-purpose workstation.) Then, when I'm sending something to a friend or family, I have a piece of child's art handy (as in, I don't have to wait for a custom piece to be made (and dry) before sending my item out). I just snatch a piece of artwork from under my mat and include it in the package / envelope. I also use them for wrapping gifts. This is just a little something that makes my life easier (no guilt about throwing away art and I get to share it with people far away).

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