Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's That Name?

I know many people name they're vehicles.
  • My first car, a 1979 Chevy Malibu was "Millie".
  • The Chevy S-10 Blazer I had for ten years (and three husbands) was "THE Blazer".
  • Then, I had a Dodge Dakota Extended Cab, that had been my Father-in-Laws... it looked like a miniature version of my hubby's Dodge Ram (even the same color) and his license plate read LRDVADR (Lord Vader), so, my mini-vaderesque truck became "Ani", for "Anikan Skywalker".
  • Currently, I have a dark-red Dodge Grand Caravan (2005) van... my boys' LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine, where the red engine is James... so, guess what my van is called? You got it, "James".
I've even met people (well, okay, just one person - that I know of) who name they're weapons.
  • My hubby had a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum "Katherine" (which he sold in during an impoverished period to his brother and desperately wants to buy back, but, brothers (being what they are), his refuses to sell the gun back, even for an inflated price. Personally I don't understand why another S&W 44 Mag wouldn't do just as well, but then, "I'm a woman" and I don't think I'm "suppose" to get this quirk... so, I don't loose sleep over it!) Katherine. That was also the name that my hubby wanted to give our first-born daughter. Katherine. Also the name of his former fiancée... hmm... do we see a trend here? Anyway, I'm off-track here... from what I understand, my husband has named all of his weapons (and that's not a small number!)
I've even named my favorite appliance.
  • My mixer... a giant, behemoth of a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (The Professional 6 in Red). It's name is "Big Red". And that's what we refer to it as. All of us in the house. To the point when we went to visit my Mom recently, my boys wanted to know what she called her smaller white Kitchen Aid mixer;
  • it became "Baby White".
  • My Aunt calls her Dyson Vacuum, "Mr. Dyson", like a name, not the brand.
What inanimate objects do you name?

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