Monday, March 24, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Well, I guess I did it again, didn't I? I disappeared for yet another holiday away from computers. Can you believe that I'm online everyday, several times a day, and yet (it would seem) that none (or very few) of my relatives are online... at least not the ones I go to visit. If they are online, it is with a land-line, not a wireless connection. I guess I'm just not the dedicated blogger that goes to a library everyday to make posts... sorry!

We went to Lander for the weekend.
Stayed with my grandparents.

Played cars / trains / blocks.

Practiced Checkers (I just taught Frank this month).

Visited my Aunt (who cracked a whip for four-plus hours, while we cleaned out her guest / junk room). Also visited with my Uncle (who was very appreciative of all our hard work). No picture… what was I thinking? I got pictures of everyone but them and evidence of the hard work (guess I was too busy... oh, that's right!... WORKING!) Sorry!

Visited my Cousin (who had nasal, pollup-removal surgery on Good Friday)…

...and his family...

Got a good dosing of Churchy stuff (from each household). We're heathens, you know... we don't go to church every week. We don't even "have" a church of our own... yep, that's me and my hoard, just floating out here in Godlessness, doomed for eternity. Anyway, when we go to visit, we also go to Church... keeps the peace and gives us the opportunity to have discussions on beliefs with our boys. Here we are post church...

Tom was a little embarrassed about the "Hawaiian" Shirt I packed for him. I kept telling him it was clean, it was wrinkle-free, and it was Pierre Cardin, so, it was okay. He didn't buy it, which, quite honestly surprised me. I thought the relaxed, but clean and neat, shirt would be right up his Church-Going-Feelings-Alley. Laid back and relaxed. Here, but not really. Oh well! Next time, I guess I'll pack his dress shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes... all last worn about four years ago and pretty much guaranteed not to fit! :P

What else?

Talk about being laid-back! Get a load of Jack!!!
Hmm..., what was it?

Oh yeah!

We hunted Easter Eggs!

That pretty much sums up our weekend!

I hope you enjoyed yours. Our weather was beautiful and the break to visit family was good.

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