Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Camp GonnaWannaFly - Cabin Report

Today the boys and I had our first Cabin Meeting for Camp GonnaWannaFly, a FLYLady Summer Fun Program.

Since we're learning to FLY, the boys wanted a Cabin name related to flying, but they also like the Transformers, so, we came up with the name Trans Flight Cabin. We're still trying to come up with each of our Camp Names, they need something to do with wings. We've talked about:
  • Bumblebee
  • Dragon
  • Angel
  • Fairy
  • Starscream
  • Thundercracker
  • Wasp
  • Hornet
  • Beekeeper (Dad?)
But, we're still finalizing who's going to be what.

We pulled out a cork board we had sitting around and put our Cabin name (colored by the boys) at the top. Underneath, we have a picture of FLYLady along with our different lists and routines.

In the Camp Control Journal, FLYLady recommends giving Awards for little things. She suggested stickers or beads. I dug out our pony beads and a few pipe-cleaners. Then, I quickly made assignments for what different colors will be for:
  • Red - Yard Toys
  • Orange - KP (Kitchen Patrol)
  • Yellow - Laundry
  • Green - Bunkhouse (bedroom)
  • Blue - Bathhouse
  • Purple - Floors
  • Black - Pets
  • Brown - unassigned
  • White - Special Items
  • Pink - unassigned
When the boys finish doing something related to one of the items, they get to choose a bead in that color and add it to their bracelet (I'd like to figure out a way for them to make a necklace they can easily add beads to... any ideas on what to use that won't be tough for me to tie and untie constantly?)

We are using weekly themes and basing them on the Summer Movies we are watching each Tuesday. Today we go to see Waterhorse, but next week is a Veggie Tales Movie (I'll find out today which one it is), so, we will be doing activities this week related to Veggies and Veggie Tales. Then, next Wednesday will start a new Camp theme related to the next movie. I figure this makes it easy for me to think of a theme and will also build the excitement for the next movie.

So far, so good with the camp. It's all about attitude, and having this little fun thing to focus on is helping me to come up with ideas and be more playful.

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Celise said...

This sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to check out her website in more detail later. Maybe even pass it on to my BF ( who could really use this right about now). I personally like Thundercracker. LOL. I cracked up when I saw that.

I need your feedback again version 2 of the business layout. C'mon over and let me know what you think