Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quilt Update - Happy Hour AND What I do with my hands.

27 more Happy Hour blocks finished, 14 to go.

My back is feeling OH-so-much-Better! Today was my first day without extreme pain and or medicine to assist me. I wore "regular" clothes (as opposed to "sick" clothes), but I also kept myself in check. I didn't go any further from my home than six doors down the street, and I didn't do any chores beyond sorting one VERY small box of stuff (like 4" x 12" x 10" little box) and simple meal time preps. On Sunday, Tom made something like eight meals and froze or refrigerated them so I could just warm things up and let my back rest. My boys did the daytime dishes, and Tom washed this evening. One of my friends heard about this and said "Good for you!" That made me feel better about not "doing" things all day.

Actually, I did do some things. I posted 22 auctions to ebay. We could REALLY use some extra cash right now because we've depleted our reserves with the move and my recent back care, so we listed like 50+ WWII 1/72nd scale models that Tom's been meaning to sell off (he also has a pile of 1/35th scale, which have more detail, that he's keeping). I too have things to sell on ebay, but this was a good start today. If your interested, my ebay name is "SiouxzQzz".

Today I also helped my new neighbor. I met her in May and showed her the neighborhood we were about to move into. Well, today their family moved in six-doors-down. So, at 9:00 I walked (the boys ran) down and invited her to send her kiddos (DD7, DS5, DD4) down. They were here off and on from 9 to 4. I also visited with her a few times when she'd come down for a break.

This is where the "what I do with my hands comes in." I'm just SO used to doing
something that I found it very odd to just sit and visit... without being in the kitchen cooking, or teaching a sewing / quilting craft, or doing some sort of handiwork (ie: crocheting or knitting). I tried to crochet the other day and the muscle relaxer just made my head spin to follow the hook and yarn visually. So, I just wanted to say that today, I sat. I visited. And it was really weird not having my hands busy. I grew up with my Mom telling me two things that I still think about weekly, if not daily:

Busy Hands are Happy Hands

Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop

Are there any phrases you grew up with that you often think of or repeat? What little pearls of wisdom has your family passed down?

Quick! POP QUIZ! Stand up. Walk away from your computer. Grab a piece of paper and a crayola (pen, pencil, whatever). Write out your computer keyboard's main numbers and letters. Then, come back and check your work.

My son's have been making "computers" out of folded pieces of paper. Frank usually draws keys, but today Jack gave me one and I was suppose to put my own keys on it.

So. I gave myself the test I just gave you. I wrote the numbers and "Esc" across the top, then I proceeded to try to fill in the alphabet and : ; , . symbols... without pretend "typing". Just from memory, I forgot the Caps Lock (I included Tab and Shift), and I had the B and U in the wrong spot (which I knew something was "wrong" with both of the areas I'd stuck the B and U.)

What about you? Did you walk away from your PC write out the keyboard correctly?

I want to think this is some sort of Mensa test or something, but also, I just want to know if you can do it, or if you'll miss something like I did.

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