Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'll apologize now, because I think this post is going to be disjointed and "all over the place!"

Repercussions, as defined in Merriam Webster Online:
Main Entry:
re·per·cus·sion Listen to the pronunciation of repercussion
\ˌrē-pər-ˈkə-shən, ˌre-\
Latin repercussion-, repercussio, from repercutere to drive back, from re- + percutere to beat — more at percussion
1: reflection, reverberation2 a: an action or effect given or exerted in return : a reciprocal action or effect b: a widespread, indirect, or unforeseen effect of an act, action, or event —usually used in plural
re·per·cus·sive Listen to the pronunciation of repercussive \-ˈkə-siv\ adjective
Tom had a headache. A very bad headache. It lasted for MANY hours and was so intense! Noise and light became unbearable. He thought he was experiencing his first migraine. Upon further inquisitions, I discovered that all the pain and trouble were on the right side of his head. I said "it doesn't sound like a migraine, it sounds like a tumor" ... because it sounded like pressure on his brain causing the trouble. Then. I thought about an injury from last Monday.

While in Riverton, he walked into an open door (one on his truck that lifts up, but couldn't go all the way up because of an awning or something). When he hit the door, he knocked himself to the ground... not an easy thing for someone who's 251 pounds (he's lost 25 pounds recently! YEAH TOM!!!) Afterwards, he reached for things that weren't there and stumbled about until he found the cab of his truck. He laid his torso down on his seat and left his feet outside. He says it was "ten minutes" before he could see again. Of course, since he couldn't see, who knows how long it really was. He'd cut himself right at the hairline on his right temple. The next morning, he said it felt like someone'd been kicking him in the head... since I'm sure he's had this happen in Bar Fights, I believe he wasn't exaggerating.

So. I thought back to this walking into something (again... he'd hit the same part of his head about a week earlier, though not quite as hard) and all the pain he was having and decided he must have a concussion. He was in A LOT of pain. I'd called around and got him an appointment
the first thing the next morning with a Chiropractor.

That night the pain in my hip / thigh / sciatica / lower back returned with a vengence (thanks to my FINALLY starting a garden with the boys...

ALL I did was dig and rake a SMALL bed for the corn. REALLY! It was just 4' x 6'. That's seriously a small amount of gardening!!! Of course, I've been having trouble for the past three weeks since grading the front yard for sod... so, my body still wasn't healed. But REALLY we have a VERY short growing season here, and I wonder if these will even beat the frost... the corn should be productive by the 12th of September. We still "need" to get the carrots in the ground. All they have are corn, and marigold seeds mixed in with the strawberry plants (which I don't expect any production from until next year).

Anyway, my left hip/back was hurting, BAD! So bad that when I tried to lay down and go to sleep, I **literally** jumped out of bed to "get away" from the pain. I wound up on the couch. Standing doesn't hurt it. Sitting doesn't hurt. Just laying down. I've been completely deprived of sleep the past three weeks and Tuesday night was THE WORST!!!

Tom fetched me from the couch around 2:30 am. His head felt better and he wanted me to go to his appointment in the morning. I poo-pahed him. At 7:55, when he got up, he came downstairs and told me to get myself ready, because I'd be going to the Chrioprator.

I did. I've been going to Chriopractors since I was eight. Every one has their own unique approach and touch. Usually, I feel a little "tightness" or a "pull" in the area(s) worked as I'm walking out. This doctor did a different approach AND I felt better when I left. Relaxed. No pain. The true test came at bedtime though, when I was able to sleep without pain in my left hip!

This turn of events was good for me, but, the doctor whom I'd spoken with the day before, wanted to know where my husband was. I described things and he too thought a concussion might me the culprit. The doctor STRONGLY urged me to get Tom to a doctor. In fact, I was on the phone making the appointment when the doctor came in to see me. He realized whom I'd hung up with, handed me my phone, told me to call back and make the appointment before he'd treat me, then left the room! That's pretty amazing (to me). That a doctor would thank you for hanging up, but ask you to call back.

So. Yesterday afternoon, 10 days after the injury. Tom went to a doctor where a concussion was confirmed. His right eye-lid (unnoticed by us) is still droopy. His right eye is having trouble tracking. And of course, all the pain he's still having, all on the right side of his head. The doctor wanted to order a CT Scan as a CYA procedure. Since it's been so long, he's not too worried about more complications... just need to let things heal up. Rest and Time.

I'm still concerned though. And, quite honestly, tired of listening to all the "my head hurts" every afternoon and evening. So, today Tom had to drive back to Evanston, about 1 1/2 hours. I told him I'd take him. So he could rest and his head wouldn't hurt so bad. I thought it would be a good test to see if it would help, him being able to relax and sleep while riding instead of having to focus while driving. It also would be safer than him continuing to drive with this obvious pressure in his head.

Well. His lead found out that we were with him and why. Then, not an hour later, his boss called. We were headed to another call at the time, but, we got sent home. Apparently, my driving him is a liability for the company... because if we got in an accident, la-la-la... So. Even though Tom can do his job and I can drive him to-and-from his job. We're not allowed to because of the risks to the companies legal department. I understand. I get it. But really, I think of Tom and I as a team. He's hurt (a little) and I can help. Why shouldn't I be able to? If your spouse / friend drops their vehicle off at the shop for the day, you can drive them to work, right? Their boss usually appreciates them getting to work. Especially when there have been LOTS of personnel conflicts about coverage in the past few weeks. It should be okay that a wife A) wants her husband to be seen and treated when he's hurt himself, and B) wants to help him continue to do his job.

I feel sad that our society has disjointed it's members to the point where all the parties of a family are suppose to report separately to work / school all day, every day, and aren't "allowed" to help each other out.

[Okay. End of RANT. It's safe to come out now!]

So. About thirty minutes from Evanston, I discovered that the "fix" was likely to take ALL day... like five or six hours! In the past, I've always gone along for the drive, been there 20-30 minutes, then headed back. So, the break and stretch would be nice, but I hadn't "planned" to be gone ALL DAY.

After dropping Tom off, we headed out to find the Chamber of Commerce. On our way to it, we found several photography worthy old buildings, but this really caught the eye of our camera...

I tried to explain that phones use to be fixed objects, not mobile devices. I'm not sure if the message got through. I'm also not sure the boys saw the humor of my wanting to pose with my cell phone against a phone booth...

EVENTUALLY (EIGHT) photos later (many of them more of the sidewalk than *ME*) Frank took the one you see above (well, I did tweak it with Pioneer Woman Adobe Photoshop Actions).

Back to playing in the booth...

I did warn you that this post was bound to jump around a lot, didn't I? I don't think I mentioned that it would probably turn into a book though!

One more shot to show you near the phone booth. Not because it's such a great / clear shot, but because it'll show you my haircut. I had my hair cut last month. First "new" style for me in... EIGHT YEARS!!! I *always* get an undercut, all-one-length cut. The length fluctuates slightly between my chin and my shoulders. It gets cut every six weeks - religiously. So. My first NEW STYLE in eight years and NOT ONE PERSON notices or pays enough attention to comment. Here. you can see the layers falling around my face...

It's a slight layer / stack at the back, but still pretty much all the same total length. I'm enjoying it, although my round brush broke and so when I do blow it dry, it's just been with a flat brush. Anyway, I know My Mom wanted to see it, and I thought I'd share with you. I had my hair cut differently and *no one* cares! Boo-hoo! :*(

[And now for something different...]

Frank and I trotted on over to the first Farmer's Market of the season. It looked promising to start...

Turns out. This was one of TWO produce vendors. There were also TWO bread makers and ONE Salami. The rest of the TWENTY or so vendors were all arts and crafts and wares. This is okay and everything, but shouldn't it be called a "Craft Show" instead of a "Farmer's Market"? I'm just sayin'!

We came home with this patehtic lot.

I mean, I'm sure they'll TASTE good, but the price? They lot of it was $21. The cantaloupe fits in the palm of my hand. The asparagus is pencil thin. The beans and potatoes are nice, but they were $5 each.

I guess we're just spoiled by Lander's Farmer's Market at Sprouts in Lander last year. They had eight to ten produce vendors each week, just one jewelry vendor and the price was 1/4 to 1/3.

Anyway, we enjoyed going, but we'll probably go to our Sister City's Farmer's Market next week, but I doubt we'll go back to this one. Maybe in a few weeks, to see if some other vendors come.

So. There you go. No posts and then THIS! The Mega-Post from hell! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

1) When is the CAT scan?

2) When Bill was recovering from surgeries, I drove him to work for several months.

3) There was a district manager (they drive around to different clubs all day) who is legally blind, he had a driver. He hired the person, but 24 actually paid a little extra... having to do with the guy being able to perform his job but having a handicap... the company has a responsibility to help the guy get his job done if he's capable... but that's Oregon/Washington law stuff...

4) I love your hair!

SuzyQSparkles said...

CAT Scan is in an hour. No. Wait. The CAT Scan machine broke this morning. So. It'll be this afternoon, or tomorrow, or possibly Monday morning - at the latest. :P

I offered to drive him to one of several other cities within two to four hours, but the idea was rejected.

I too think I should be able to drive him to work... will have to look into that a little more.

Thanks! I like my hair too, it's just disappointing when NO ONE comments on it, especially when I don't change it that often! ;)

Cricket said...

There is a big difference between driving someone to work and dropping them off and driving someone from job to job. You are not named on the business insurance so you are not covered by the policy. If you get into an accident you will have no coverage for damage or medical. If you hit someone else the policy will not cover them so it will come out of your pocket and you also risk the company being sued. Plus, if you are doing work for the company and not using the company vehicle it is not covered regardless of who is driving. Business owner policies are very specific and have to be followed carefully to ensure coverage. It is just plain and simple a huge liability risk to both yourself and the company. He has technically willfully exposed the company to undue risk so please be careful how much you push this issue because he can be legally terminated for this.

The gentleman referred to above is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act so the company has to accomodate his needs.

I am not trying to be harsh but I work for an insurance company so I can tell you right now that none of you would be covered and the companies business policy would be cancelled if their insurance company found out about it.

On a lighter note, your new cut is nice. It was time for a change, now we need to get you to play around with some color or highlights! :c)

I was also wondering if you are still planning to homeschool now that Frank has neighborhood friends he can go to school with? They will certainly help to ease the transition for him. You had not mentioned it in a while so I was just wondering.

Hope T's head is not too broken/mushy and that your body mends quickly! :c)

We had a monster of a rain storm last night...3 inches of rain in several areas. Enjoy your nice weather while you have it! Monsoon season is just around the corner here.

Heather said...

I understand you seeing you driving as "helping" but they are right that it is a liability... there is a big difference between driving someone TO work (ie when R had his knee surgery) and driving them FOR work. Lord forbid if you were in an accident with the kids and him while he was "on the job" - his company would be liable and that is a risk it sounds like they are not willing to take.

Anonymous said...

Good heavens! What kind of a country have we become? What about T & S being responsible for themselves? Why isn't S responsible when S is driving for her own insurance, etc... Who cares what T is doing... T chose the job, knew the risks... They decide together who drives, what's best for them to be able to do the work to put food on their table. The company may chose to be responsible for T's driving while he is on duty, but not S's & she knows it... So, they takes their own risk... they can't turn around and blame the company... Insurance companies, attorneys, and law-suit crazed irresponsible wimps make me sick; are we going to grow up or continue degenerating and letting other people think for us? Just because the insurance company says this and that doesn't make it right.