Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Gift - Ribbon Tag Lovey Blanket

Q: When you hand a baby a stuffed animal, what's the first thing they do?

A: They flip it over to suck on the tag!

Around the time Frank was born, a Genius Lady in Gilbert, Arizona started creating Taggies. Since that time, I've created many similar variations myself, to give to my own children and others.

Yesterday I created this variation for Nicole's baby, due on with her third girl on the 28th. Her family has been calling this little one "Ducky" and Nicole likes bright colors.

I was very pleased with the brightness of this, as well as the baby-esque colors, without being Over-the-Top Pink and Pastel.

The duck is my own sketch and was appliqued with my own method that is similar to Angie's (Lunch Box Quilt) applique method.

As always, whenever I sew with Minky, I never want to give the finished item away... they are just so cuddly and soft! This item also has some small bits of flannel around the edges on the back... just a little more tactile sensation. In addition, the beak is made from a fun bright, woven fabric from Heather's Scrap Bag. The border fabrics are from Connie at The Quilter's Outpost in Payson, Arizona. The baby fabric on the back came from Nancy Haldeman. And the ribbons came from my ribbon bag... which I keep stocked with items appropriate for this very gift item. Basically, the whole project came out of my sewing room in under 3 hours, and with lots of thought given to the people who have shared scraps and tidbits with me over the years. Thanks to all! :D

If you are interested in making a similar snuggly item, check out this tutorial.


marie*jolie said...

Cutie, cute, cute! I am sorry that idea wasn't around when my boys were babies. They would have loved those! Hope you are feeling MUCH better tonight, Suzy.

Becky said...

That looks great! I love the duckie.