Friday, April 17, 2009

The Things I Worry About

Oh sure, there are LOTS of things I worry about. Actually, I worry so much that I don't know what I'd do if I had NOTHING to worry about. Luckily, I don't have to think about that because I can always find something else worthy of giving my time and energy and emotion to.

Wow! That's depressing and enlightening all at once.

In any case. I realized I've been fretting and thinking and debating and pondering over a lowly sock toe for something like three days now!

First I spent almost three hours on a test swatch for a Jaywalker sock pattern, before deciding I wanted to try a toe-up sock. Then, I spent a measly hour starting my first pair of toe-up socks only to realize I'm ... using the wrong yarn. I mean, it's the right yarn, but my Aunt indicated she'd *like* it if the toes and heels were made form a different, contrasting color.

The Jaywalker test swatch is on the right. And, yes. I know! That LITTLE BIT of knitting on the left ACTUALLY took at least an hour! But hey! It's all new stuff to me... figuring out the Magic Cast On and then trying to keep stitches tight between two needles while adding stitches. I don't like the increases. I don't like one side where it's all poking out and big.

So, for several days now I've been debating... keep the blue start, add a red stripe, then return to blue. Or just rip it all out so both socks have two matching red toes?

On one hand, my only pair of handmade socks (so far) have toes that are slightly different, and I have found that I like this because it's easier for me to wear the same sock on the same foot each time (and I don't know WHY I do that, probably because the toes are different and I can). So, do I allow my Aunt the same touch of wonkiness and keep going by putting a red stripe in this toe and a solid red toe on the other sock? Or do I try to make them "match"?

Every time I think I have the answer, I trick myself by thinking of something else.

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