Monday, April 13, 2009

A Knight and His Squire

We made Jack The Greatest Costume last month for our Annual Pilgrimage to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I've told some of you about it, and some have seen it in person, but I have hear cries from far away for pictures to be posted on the website. And so, without further ado, here is Sir Jack...

As I said, we've gone EVERY year since before the boys were born, but never had they had so much as a hat. Well, I decided, THIS YEAR, was the year to change that. I took a duffel bag of fabrics with me to Arizona to finally make the boys Renaissance Costumes.

Jack wanted to be a knight, with chain mail. Knowing this, I also brought along the template from last summer's Sports Camp T-Shirt Painting. Jack had been asking for his own Red Dragon ever since I painted Frank one.

I had this idea for Jack's costume. My Mom and I cut the top pieces. I sewed the tunic. Mom sewed the chemise. Mom's friend, Melinda, sewed the "Chain Mail". Then, I added the pants.

We never got around to making Jack a hat... and he never seemed to notice the deficiency. I do have a hat in my mind for him, I just have to put my hands on "the right" fabrics.

Frank, on the other hand, told me "Mom, I won't wear a costume; just make me a Fancy Hat."

Frank was right. Frank liked his hat, wore it a time or two, and has moved on.

I'd already realized that Frank's lack of interest in costumes was why I'd never yet sewn them Renaissance Costumes. Jack loves to dress up though, so we were able to really focus on his costume, and make Frank a quick hat with a fancy pin and feathers.

Here, are the boys with my brother. I've told many of you about my brother, and his hair (which is longer than either of his sister's), and so, here is a rare picture Ivan for you.

And that, is that.

Can you tell that I'm catching up on rest (and computer stuff) today? I did about 45 minutes of cleaning in my bedroom this morning and have spent the rest of the day (save eating quick snacks) on the couch with my feet up. It actually FEELS GOOD to just set and rest! :D

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