Monday, April 27, 2009

Hulu - Legend of the Seeker - Terry Goodkind

I think I'm the last one in the world to find out about HULU. Everyone I mention it to, seems already to know about this internet resource for watching free movies and TV. I have an Amazon subscription to Season 8 of Smallville. From what I've seen, Hulu videos are of a better quality than the ones that I PAY FOR on Amazon!

The TV series that was pointed out to me, is in the Family Section, and is called Legend of the Seeker. The first few videos, Tom and I thought the acting was poor, but around the 4th episode, the actors seem to be "clicking" with each other and their characters. Now, we quite enjoy them. So much so, that I looked up the books (The Sword of Truth) that the TV series is based on... by Terry Goodkind. Currently, there are ELEVEN books in his series, plus a Prequel.

Since I'm sick, and my library has all of them, I'm devouring the books. In #1, Wizard's First Rule, there is one section in particular (Chapter 24) that is gory and gruesome and just nasty disgusting. I think I could have skipped those six pages and just been told that The Bad Guy is REALLY EVIL and I would have been happier. Still, I'm enjoying the books (on #2, Stone of Tears now), and if you pick up the first book, just skip chapter 24 to avoid being grossed out.

As far as the series versus the books. The main characters are fairly accurate. There are some scripts that seem to have been taken straight from the pages of the book. Most of the show though, uses the general ideas and traits from the book, and then mixes them up for story lines.

Even though the show isn't dead-on, it's close enough, and (since I watched it first) I enjoy reading the books and finding out the "real story" behind things.

Now, I need someone else to read these books, so I can compare notes with you and see what you think is going on in them!

Are there any other really cool websites I've been missing?

Postscript added 8 May 2009: I've had SO MANY people calling me about this series, I've currently got at least three people started reading with me, and at least three more ready to check the books out of their libraries.

I wanted to add a disclaimer / warning / rating. Now I'm on book four, and I know that this stuff is definitely "R" rated, for mature audiences, not anything I'd let me teens read. Not that many teens would willingly dive into a series of books nearly 9,000 pages and twelve books long, but I just wanted to throw that warning out there for those of you with kids that might be interested in Fantasy... I'd keep this away from them for a few more years. :)

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