Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School Forms

I'm busy getting forms and applications and such done for me to start back to college and to get the boys enrolled at the College Children's Center (Preschool/Daycare) and Elementary School.

I'm going to enroll Frank in the Public School for first grade. Then Jack and I will have more time together AND Jack will be able to go to Pre-K at the college while I'm taking classes.

I had a meeting yesterday with an Academic Adviser. I already have 59 college units. I need 64 for an Associates, and 14 need to be from this school... which just about is perfect for the classes I need to complete the Associates (English, WY History, Science Lab, PE, and one other). The credits I need line up just right with what I have left to take.

With those few classes, it should be pretty simple for me to get it done within a year, just taking one or two things at a time. :D

I think I'm going to take a Summer Course (probably Online English) just to start getting back in the groove.


Serena said...

Hey Suzy, does this mean you won't be home schooling the boys anymore? (I've found it interesting to read about it, because it's extremely rare here in Australia for someone to be homeschooled.. in fact I've never known anyone who has been)

Anonymous said...

AWesome I hope that your online course goes great, let me know what books you need, I have the most recent and widely used english and government and some others, let me know, better to share than to buy(they are pricey, english book was $180)WyoGirl1

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Frank! Yippee

Tonia said...

Did you decide to take a summer course? Im taking Statistics YUCK! It started today, but I havent gotten a book yet, its 175$ Holy Smokes! Should be able to get it by week end, hopefully, then just play catch up. If not, will drop, again, and try, probably unsuccessfully, to take it fall/spring. LOL! Guess I better suck it up and do it now.