Friday, May 29, 2009

Wyoming Life - Friday Playgroups

On Friday Morning's I continue to coordinate a Playgroup. The last three weeks, we've been meeting outside at parks and playgrounds. I'm making a point to explore each park in our town AT LEAST once this season.

Today we went to a park we'd never been to before. It has big, gorgeous, old trees; lots of shade and grass too! Today there were all sorts of bushes with purple booms and Cottonwood Fluff floating in the breeze.

There is also a Gazebo and a small Amphitheater. This site has a lot of Free Concerts in the Park.

I enjoyed the photo op presented by the lush greens, the gazebo and a happy, smiling boy. I'm just wishing I'd gotten the close-up photo in focus! Perhaps we'll go back and try again...

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