Friday, May 08, 2009

Sleepover Plans

My cousin called me to see if she could drive down (2 hours), pick up my boys, and take them to her place for a couple of days. She's got two weeks off between college terms, and is missing my kiddos (we lived with her family for three months two summers ago, when we first moved to Wyoming, and she misses my boys).

Normally, I'm all a-flutter (that would be nervous) about spending time away from my boys. I almost always panic and can't sleep when I'm away from them... just for a night. But today, after the long week I've had battling Jack, this offer is just too incredible to pass up!

We just spoke again and ironed out some dates, and it looks like she'll have them the day of our Neighborhood Block Sale. Not having the boys around while I'm selling off their old toys definitely sounds appealing!

Now, the goal is for me to kick some butt this week on cleaning in the garage so that I can rest and enjoy two days without the boys... ie: I can sew to my heart's content!

Thanks Jessica! I'm so excited about your offer and for the chance for the boys to go and play for a few days at "Tia's". :D

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