Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Flies

Summer is rapidly approaching and anyone with pets knows this means one thing...


This is the fur from less than 10 minutes spent brushing our two year old cat. The one year old cat ventured over to see what we were up to, but was more interested in licking the brush than being brushed. Plus, she still has kitten fur, so her little tuft of black is small.

To borrow an idea from Marie, I have a Nifty Thrifty Idea for you...

My Dad use to Fly Fish. My Mom use to tie him custom flies. The best flies she ever made included fur from our Siamese, much like this big pile of fluff I've got. Whenever she made a fly with fur from Dusty, it only lasted a cast or two before being gobbled up.

Now, whenever I brush my cat I feel GUILTY about throwing away all that Great Fur! I've even thought of selling the fluff online, but always talk myself out of it.

Today, I saved all that fur in a container.

Here's my proposal to you... if you fly fish and would like to try some flies made with cat fur.... go brush your cat / neighbor's cat / etc. BUT! If you don't have access to a cat, PayPal me $0.82 (to pay postage and PayPal Fees) and I'll drop some fur in an envelope and send it to you. Then, you'll have to let us know if cat fur on your flies works as well for you as it always did on the flies my Mom made.

If you'd like some Free Cat Fur for Fly Fishing Flies, PayPal eighty-two cents to me at me at leavemealone {at} yours {dot} com, along with your address, and I'll send some right over to you!

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