Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wyoming Life - The Great Outdoors

We've been living in the Least Densely Populated State in the Nation for two years now.

Last weekend we FINALLY went out for our first Exploratory Playtime.

It rained off and on all weekend.

We went out Saturday, and again Sunday.

We fished both days... and caught three nice Rainbow Trout.

We had SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

We're already making plans for this weekend's excursion.

We're also shopping around for a tent four our family of four. Tom's 75" tall and would like to be able to stand in our tent.

Any suggestions? What size footprint do you use? Would you recommend your particular brand and model? If so, why? What do you like/hate about your camping set-up?


Anonymous said...

Well of course you know I have all sorts of opinions, hee hee. We use a Kelty tent 4 season, it has an nice ripstop fabric and is flame retardant but breathable (most are) The type of fabric matters though for durability, I would have to look my fabric up again. A must for us is double doors, you never know when you might have to get out in a hurry. We also consider weight very heavily as we backpack several miles back, our weighing approx. 4-5 pounds. Rains resistance, an outer fly and for a fancy trip, an outer vestibule to keep your shoes dry. Check the tent stakes as the ones they come with are often not suited for wyoming rocks. The pole setup is necessary, fiberglass with elastic banding poles are light and durable and can be replaced(remember youwill have broken parts, make sure they are replaceable by a generic). We spray our tent with water repellant yearly (haven't recently). Windows with double layers to keep out the cold. Tents come in all shapes and sizes, make sure if you are looking that you get a tent that can accomodate an air mattress for sore backs as the ground here is unforgiving. I am sure there are other things I am forgetting, like zipper durablity and color (for specific purposes) but I am rambling, oh and get Tom to build a camp box for ya and I will show you more cool gadgets on the fourth! WyoGirl1

Anonymous said...

Are the outdoor just so superbly amazing and freeing, what else can I jam into a small sentence, oh, peacful, joyful, serene,simple, and best of all, real family time! WyoGirl1

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember bouncing down a backroad and having ribeye with corn, mmmm, those were tasty and bumpy times. WyoGirl1
P.S. Looks like Jack and Frank kept their socks dry this time, good job boys, wyoming suites you, have you counted many doggies lately, or listened to our music? WyoGirl1