Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Super Good Mornin' TO YA!

Everything comes with a price.

For instance, sleeping in an extra hour while a four and six year old are left unattended, comes with the price of walking downstairs to discover (in part) this scene:

Additionally, trash-can components were spread around the floor, old-stale-cookies were removed from the trash and set on the counter. A shiny-new-apple was on the floor, rolled under the table (apparently knocked off while retrieving the cookie tin).

Yes. The red tin marked "cookie" has cookies in it. So, it's not bad enough they decided to open a new box of sugary "snack" cereal when there were already two boxes of granola, a box of rice Chex, and a box of Cheerios open, but they also, apparently, needed to get into the cookie tin too!

What's more, the cereal spill wasn't restricted to the counter, but also the floor all around.

And, yes, that thing in the background...

Is a mirror that Jack decided he "didn't want anymore". So, he took it off the hallway wall by his bedroom door, walked into his bedroom, and "smacked it" on his upholstered chair (the same chair that Sunday I found he'd tipped over to sit on the bottom side (thus damaging the bottom cover)). Then, when the mirror (AND FRAME) broke, he walked it downstairs. Amazingly, I can't find any shards of glass anywhere in the house, and even more astounding, Jack is cut-free!

Last weekend our neighbor brought "Nanny McPhee" over to watch. While I enjoyed it, afterwords I told her "we don't usually let the kids watch movies like that, because I consider them "Training Videos". Apparently, I was right, Jack obviously got some new devious ideas about the kinds of havoc children can reek.

Flustered and flabbergasted. That's me.

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marie*jolie said...

Oh my goodness! What else can I say? Oh my goodness!