Sunday, August 24, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas

So. Is anyone else thinking of Halloween Costumes yet? I was just thinking of what we've done in the past...
2002 - Frank - Stormtrooper
2003 - Frank - Frankenstein (he had 100+ stitches in his head from surgery 8 days earlier).
2004 - Frank - Construction Guy (everyone mistook him for "Bob the Builder".)
2005 - Frank & Mom - Priates, Jack - Parrot
2006 - Frank - Buzz Lightyear, Jack - Woody (complete with "pull handle")
2007 - Jack - Dragon / Dinosaur, Frank - Superman (he was suppose to be a Knight / Caveman to MATCH JACK!)
2008 - Hmmm....
I was just poking around online and found these fun sites...

Some VERY CLEVER "Different" Ideas, especially for people who "don't want to wear" a costume!

Family / Group Costumes

How-To Links to Many "Standard" Ideas

Links to Patterns
Simplicity Costume Patterns

I think Jack would enjoy being Indiana Jones this year... not very "original", but he walks around singing "Daa-da-duh-da! Da-da-duh!" all.the.time. He also has a "whip" we made him out of a piece of soft rope and hat that passes for an Indy Hat. So. I'm thinking I'd like to make him a jacket (I have leather scraps I need to pull out, but I suspect I'll have to find some other fabric/leather to make it... maybe I could find an adult leather coat at a thrift store and cut it up to make him one... hmm!) I also want to make him a satchel (which could double as his candy bag) and a little strap to put his whip on his belt (just a little piece of fabric looped over and velcro on one side.)

This made me think that Frank could be an Indy Character -Mutt, Nazi, Priest, Egyptian, Mummy... there are so many options! But... last year Frank wanted to be Bumblebee, the Transformer. The first time I heard about this was the week of Halloween. I was sick and I really had no idea who / what the Transformers were, so on Halloween it was a fight to get Frank into his superhero costume. Now, a year later, he still loves playing with and talking about Transformers. So, maybe I'll talk with him about creating a Transformer (possibly Optimus Prime or Bumblebee) costume. This one will need Tom's help on, since there will be a lot of hard pieces attached to the base (probably a sweat suit).

I suppose we could make two Transformers. They would both go for that, but I do think Jack would make such a cute Indy!
I always want to think of a fun theme for our whole family, then I struggle to get just the boys to match. Maybe by thinking of it a little sooner in "the season", talking with them AND doing what they each want, instead of a group theme, I'll actually get something made that the we will enjoy making and wearing!


Heather said...

We are being "thrifty" and A is wearing her ballet costume from her June recital - it cost $75 and is a cute mousie, plus I think one or two of her "teammates" are going to come and go around our neighborhood, so they will all match.... P is obsessed with "Handy Manny" so I was planning on getting him the tool box for his BDay and the outfit is really easy, I may dress up as "Kelly" to go around with him... I don't think the whole family "group costume" will happen again for quite some time!

Cricket said...

B is thinking she wants to be Tinkerbell this year so I am going to hunt around and see what I like. I don't normally dress up for the event, I just take her around in her costume and she has fun. Then we get home, she gets one piece of candy a day for about 2-3 days and she forgets all about it and we toss it about a month later! It works out nicely.