Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet Trystan, The Neighbor

A few days ago, I was having a rough afternoon. I reluctantly let one of our neighbor-boys in the house. Reluctantly, because I was having a grouchy time and, although I like having a house where the kids feel welcome, sometime it can be a *bit* much. (There are 18 kids living in 6 houses across the street, 11 of them are out-and-about A.LOT!)

Anyway, after Trystan came in, he took his shirt down off his head. Here is what we saw:

I just burst out laughing! I know it wasn't nice. It probably made him feel worse. But is was just so funny to me!

The night before, Trystan's brother got his hair buzzed. Knowing Trystan, I suspect he was pestering his Dad (he can do that from time-to-time). So. Dad reached out and shut Trystan up!

Just the day before, Trystan had been flaunting his new, slicked-back way of combing his hair. So, I suspect this "punishment" was just what he needed, and probably far more effective than any talking, yelling, grounding, etc would have been.

Trystan was so embarrassed, he spent most of the day locked in his house... me? I told him to just put a hat or a bandanna on and go out and play. I never did let other people's teasing get to be in school...

Anyway, it is interesting to see how different parents handle different situations.

BTW, the next day, Trystan's hair was completely buzzed off too.

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