Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frank's Best Question

Tonight I took Frank to a Congressional Forum. I didn't know much about it when I went, and I called around to the city and they didn't know much either, but I *felt* like I should go. So. We went.

As soon as we got there I was handed a brochure which caused me to be glad I went. We have one seat available for the Wyoming Representative to the House. Our Primary is on Tuesday. There are SIX candidates on our primary ballot, four of them happen to be from my party. So. I was VERY GLAD to see and hear them in person.


This is suppose to be about Frank's Great Question.

When we first sat down we were handed a form to write a question on. I helped Frank to formulate his question for the candidates. When he turned it in, the President of our Town Chamber (whom he handed the question to) started laughing and showing everyone around him. By the time Frank got back to his seat, several people were giving him "thumb's ups."

At the break, between the planned Round Robin questions and the Audience Questions, I was told that they were planning to "lead off with Frank's question" because it would "be a good ice breaker."

So, we all sit back down (about 30-40 members of the community and 20, or so, support staff) and the Moderator lays out the rules for the questions, "except for this first one, which we'll ask all the candidates to respond to, in order." Then, he reads Frank's question "What is your favorite kind of cookie to make and eat?"

The WHOLE ROOM erupts in laughter! And then, they all answered...
  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Fudge Graham
  3. Snickerdoodles
  4. Beer & Chocolate Chips for Breakfast
  5. Proprietary Chocolate Chip Cookies
  6. "It should be Marijuana ones, since I'm from California, but if you can make a cookie that tastes like a Lemon Meringue Pie, I'd like that one"
(Leave it to the Libertarian to come up with an answer involving illegal drugs for a five year old!)

After this, Frank was credited (as if there was any doubt that a question about cookies would have come from the only child in the room!) then asked to stand, where Frank received huge round of applause.

After his applause died down, the Commentator said "now, we have some other, less important questions to ask the candidates..."

The whole thing was pretty funny!

At the end of the Forum, The President stood up and thanked people, including Frank (by name) for "Winning the Best Question Award." Then, Frank was sent home with all the decorative balloons for his "Award." He was just so tickled! He didn't understand why so many people came up to shake his hand afterwards and thank him.

OF COURSE, I left my camera at home because BOTH my batteries had died JUST before we left! So, no pictures of Frank schmoozing with the Politicians! (Actually, he turned quite bashful with most of them, but was still all-smiles!)

In this picture, you can get a peek of the antique treadle sewing machine I talked about last summer. You can also see the chair I traded one of my couches for. I love this vignette I've created by my front door (which I completed with a potted PALM plant!)

Oh, and Frank went up to wish his favorite candidate good luck on Tuesday (the primary).

It was great fun for us and a great opportunity for us to talk about Politics and Government! The President of the Local City Chamber told Frank he wants to see him back... I'm sure he will!


Anonymous said...

What a great experiance for an introduction to politics.  He looks like he is actually glowing.  So did the cookie question sway your opinion of the canadites lolmom

Murray said...

Wow! Great story, on so many levels. Frank sounds like a pretty sharp cookie himself, he definitely deserved a round of applause!

Oh, by the way I just tagged you, in case you feel like playing!