Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Take It Easy!

I think I just need to take it easy! On myself and others! I've been told that I "expect too much of others". Well, it's not just others but myself too!

I made myself a nervous wreck today before going to see an Orthopedic Spine Specialist about my recent, ongoing, continuous back pain. In the end, I came out feeling MUCH better than I went in! The news was good and quite the relief. Still, I received a phone call shortly after getting home and after the call, I totally Short-Circuited on my kids, my puppy, and my hubby (my Mom however was spared from the Rampage - of course, she wisely stayed out on the front driveway when she saw the Storm Brewing!)

Tom and I calmed down and offered apologies. Frank and I talked and made A Plan, in case I get upset tomorrow. Jack. Jack could care less that I blew up (not even crying when I dumped out his Otter Pop in the process). While it's nice that Frank is sensitive and emotional; you gotta love Jack! He TOTALLY knows how to "stay in his own boat" and just float down the Stream of Life, happy as can be, and oblivious to what other people are doing in their boats!

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