Thursday, February 19, 2009

Face Time for Jack

Jack hasn't been getting much (okay, any) face time lately... so, here's a quick picture of him today.

Not the best lighting (he put his back to the window), and the cat is all scrunched over, but, he wanted his picture taken and I wanted to share with you. Last week, right on developmental schedule, he cut a hunk out of his bangs. In true Jack fashion, he turned around and said "Mom! I cut my hair!" No trying to hide it, just excited at his "accomplishment"!


Cricket said...

I am so lucky that B has never had the desire to cut her hair. She wants to keep it long so much so that she almost freaks when I trim it. I have to show her how little I am taking off the ends just so she will relax and let me do it. It is funny and a big relief at the same time.

Celise said...

I think it's a great shot. I like the sepia tone look to it. The boys are growing up so quick!