Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kids Art Project - Pokémon Valentine

Frank and I came up with (what I think are) some pretty clever Valentine's for this year.

Frank likes Pokémon. Frank likes Pokémon A LOT. In order to keep Frank from starting to purchase and collect cards, I spent several months last year diverting his attention by having him MAKE his own cards.

This year, while designing other Pokémons, we thought it would be fun to make a Valentine Pokémon... there are plenty of ideas here:
  • Heart Attack
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Love Bug
  • Straight to the Heart
  • Luv Needle (Frank's Creation)
Frank designed the card. I designed the envelope. Jack assembled the envelopes. Here's the finished product:

I realize it's a little late to make these for a class party, but there's still time to make a few for friends / family ON Valentine's Day...

If you'd like to do this, here's what you need:
  • two sheets plain printer paper
  • one sheet card stock
  • 1/2 sheet white construction paper
  • 3" x 5" scrap red construction paper
  • drawing supplies
  • black marker
  • glue
  • scanner
  • printer (if you don't have color, draw in black and white, then color after printing)
Here are the templates I've made, please feel free to use them to make your own cards.
Here's how we make the cards and envelopes:
  1. Print out the lined page, as well as several "blank" pages. Then, stack them together with the lined page underneath a blank page.
  2. Draw picture of imagined Pokémon.
  3. Fill in the name, "hit points" and other information.
  4. Scan into the computer.
  5. Pull it into Adobe Photoshop, where you can clean up any stray eraser marks or "mistakes". You can also intensify / adjust the colors.
  6. Reduce the cards to proper size (2 1/2" wide x 3 1/4" tall).
  7. Print nine per page on cardstock.
  8. You may either design a card back, or find an image online to use, then print the second side before cutting.
  1. Fold a sheet of white construciton paper so the edges meet in the middle. The finished size should be about 5" from fold to fold. Trim almost a 5" circle, being sure to leave about 1.5" of the folds intact. (If this step sounds confusing, take a look at the second photograph, with the open envelope and the card tucked inside.)
  2. Set the white circle over the red paper, lining up the edge of the red with the center of the circle. Trim the red to match the circle shape.
  3. Cut about a 1" circle out of a white scrap.
  4. Draw a black line around the small circle.
  5. Glue the side edges on the bottom half of the circle together. This makes the inside pocket. I only glued the top of the sides (not the bottom of the curve); just incase my card was a little big for the envelope.
  6. Glue the red flap to the outside front.
  7. Glue the white dot with the black outline to the center front (only glue the half that touches the red).
  8. Let the glue dry, the put the card in the envelope.
  9. If desired, write a name on the back of the envelope.
  10. Deliver. :D
This would also work well to make invitations to a Pokémon Party.

I'd love to see your efforts if you make use of this fun little project.

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