Friday, February 13, 2009

Quilt Designing - Ideas, Names, and Such

Just about anyone who knows me knows I want to publish my quilt designs. I've REALLY been wanting to do this for over two years. I design them. I sew them. Sometimes I even put them to paper and start to format for publication. And that's as far as I've ever gotten. I stop just shy of ACTUALLY publishing the work.

In the past decade, the quilting world has seen a trend towards pre-cut sizes of fabrics. Often these are bundled together in coordinated groups. First there were Fat Quarters (18" x 22"), then there were Charm Packs (5" squares), and then Jelly Rolls (2 1/2" x WOF (45") strips) rolled up. Over the years I've been watching as people snatch these up, and then don't know what to do with them. Eventually, patterns and books were written using these sizes. I've often thought to myself "if only I'd thought of that". Recently a new size was added, Layer Cakes (10" squares). VERY recently (in the past few months) two brand new sizes were added, Honey Buns (1 1/2" x WOF (45") strips) rolled up and Turnovers (6" squares cut point to point to form a triangle). These two units are VERY new and so far, there are only a few patterns out (from the manufacturers) to go with these.

Here's my great idea... design patterns using the new sizes and GET THEM TO MARKET... FAST! I brainstormed and jotted down a "few" (over two dozen) quilt designs in the first day. Now, I want to write a pattern, make the sample, and have the product ready to go with me on my Arizona trip. Actually, I'd like to make three, but I'll settle for one. Oh. I'm leaving in 10 days.

I've been wanting to do publish my designs for so long, now I'm TOTALLY PSYCHED about this and maybe, just maybe a deadline is what I need.

In addition to the design, writing, publishing, sewing, quilting, photographing, and printing. I also need to finalize a Company Name and probably obtain a URL for future web-based sales. I'm not even THINKING about making a web page yet (gotta get some stuff together to sell first), but I do feel that I should make certain I can have a website to go with whatever company name I settle on.

In my preliminary work, I've always thought of myself as "Heaven Sent" or "Heaven Sent Designs", but both of those URLs are already taken. I've also thought of "Suzy Quilts" (with an Angel face drawn in the Q of the logo) or "Suzy Q-ute". I could also play off this blog name and go with a "Suzy Sparkles" or "Suzy Q Sparkles". I could also just use my first and middle names "Suzy Angel" (thus all the heavenly references). These things I have to think about...
  • Suzy Quilts
  • Suzy Q-ute
  • Suzy Q Sparkles
  • Suzy Sparkles
  • Suzy Angel
Feedback on the names would be good!

Today. Right now, I'm debating using my stash for this first quilt, or purchasing some pre-cut units. If I call a shop today, they can send them to me today and I should have them on Tuesday. Money's an object right now, but then, so is time.

What would you do? Spend time cutting from the stash, or order the fabric and spend the time writing and publishing the pattern?


Becky said...

I hate to sound like a parent, but you have a big stash and are cash strapped right now. Stay out of the shops!

What about Angel Designs as a name?

marie*jolie said...

What a quandry! I love to use my stash, because it makes me feel resourceful and wise. But at the same time, nothing quite beats the thrill of buying new fabric (or yarn, for that matter). I love the Suzy Q Sparkles name for your quilt patterns! I have designed quilts for myself, but after one attempt at writing a pattern I realized that I don't have the patience for it. I admire you so much for being willing to take that bold next step, and I wish I had the desire to crunch numbers and turn my ideas into tangible (sellable) patterns. Go Suzy! I know you'll do awesome. Also, that's such a bummer about the knitting shop. I've never had them act that way to me, and though I think knit shop folks have a tendency to be rather snooty-falooty, I can't believe they strung you along like that. Rude!!! I bought clearance yarn when I was there the other day, and the owner definitely gave me a look that let me know that she was NOT impressed with me buying clearance. Pooh on them anyway, because I'm moving out of state!