Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quilt Design - Cheerful Child, Fabric Selections

I went into those boxes last night, and I found 22 more fabrics.

Unfortunately, I was looking for dark fabrics and all but two are light! This is okay, just not quite what I wanted for the design I'm working on.

Then, I started thinking about something else.

The name of the block I'm working with is "The Cheerful Child" (also known as "The Miserable Wife", but I prefer the first name.)

So, I'm thinking to myself that the above fabrics don't really seem "childlike" or "cheerful" to me. Then I remembered this great
Timeless Treasures fabric I've had forever!

Isn't it great! I'm not all that into "farm" or "barn" or "cow" things, but for some reason I just LOVE this night-time barnyard scene. By the way, my having this "forever" translates to, "it's out of print", but Timeless Treasurers does have several current barn-themed fabrics that are similar.

I pulled fabrics to go with it...

This color palette is MUCH easier for me to pull from my stash. It's just cheerful AND happy to me! So, I'm working on the written pattern and now I'll be using the Barnyard Scene (probably as the backing) and saving the Rose Mosaic Fabrics for another upcoming (and as of yet, undecided) pattern. :D


Becky said...

I like the second fabric selection much better! Is there any way you can work blocks of the focus fabric into your design?

SuzyQSparkles said...

Yes, I may put some as center squares or I may just use it on the back, I haven't decided yet. I can't get the whole image repeat into the front though.