Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilt Design - Cheerful Child, Progress Report

The Progress Report is that I'M MAKING PROGRESS! I can see it. I can feel it. I'm excited about it. I think I'll make my goal of having the quilt AND pattern ready to go on our trip to Arizona next week (though due to shipment of the plastic bags (to hold the patterns) we may leave one day later than scheduled).

I just added up my notes on my calendar... I put a fun hanging calendar in my Sewing Studio and as I leave the room, I jot down the time I've spent in there, the project, and the step. In the past five days, I've spent 12 hours on this quilt and it's design. It's not much per day, but, it's a LOT more than I've been spending on any ongoing project. The boys are all missing me... especially Tom (who's been picking up more than his share of Domestic Duties while I design and sew away).

Today, Frank was helping me with snipping pieces apart after I ironed them. When I ask what he thought of the colors he said they are "Crack-A-Lackin'!"

"Ding-Ding-Ding!" went my head. I'll probably call my pattern/quilt "Crack-A-Lackin'!" or perhaps "Qrack-A-Lackin!"? Hmm...

Which brings me back to names. As I see the completion of the sample and pattern, I MUST finalize a name for my company. Must do this. Any other input would be great, I think I'm leaning towards...
  • Suzy Q Sparkles
...but what else?
  • Sparklin' Designs
  • Shiny Quilts
  • Angel Quilts
  • Suzy Quilts
  • Suzy Q-ute
  • Suzy Q Sparkles
  • Suzy Sparkles
  • Suzy Angel
  • Happy Quilts
  • Happy Happy Happy Designs - ooh. I LIKE this one. I get a LOT of positive responses from an email address based on this phrase.
  • Shadona Designs
  • Color Me Happy
Also, as I think of names, my Minds' Eye wanders to possible graphics to go along with them.

Everything is fuzzy now, my eyelids are heavy and my body is sore (this much fabric cutting and work all at once IS hard on me.) I MUST get some well deserved rest! :D


Anonymous said...

I like one not on the list, Q-ute Quilts.


Becky said...

Crack a Lackin in from the cartoon Madagascar so I'm not sure you can use that name.