Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quilt - Ice, Pucks, & Blood

I made and donated a quilt for charity... in one day! Granted, it was only about 24" square, but I DID IT! Yeah me!

Here's how much time I spent on it:
30 min - Design pattern and choose fabrics.
2 hr 15 min - Cut and Piece the Top
15 min - Clean & prep Sewing Machine, pin layers for quilting
25 min - Quilt
30 min - Make and attach Binding
5 min - Label (I cheated and wrote on the quilt top with a permanent marker).

4 hr - Total Time, Start to finish

This quilt was made for a raffle at Frank's Hockey Tournament January 10th. The day before the tournament, I remembered that I'd said I would make a quilt for the Raffle, so, I went home and did it! I felt good starting and finishing something AND keeping my word, even in the middle of all the Medical Hub-A-Loo! :D

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Anonymous said...

I have always liked the black, white and red color schemes. Frank looks happy about it to.