Friday, September 12, 2008

Homeschooling, Daytime Curfew, Civic Involvement Stuff

What a great title that is, huh?

The meeting's been set. I've talked with the Police Chief, my Hubby, the Leader of the Homeschoolers, my Mom's Group Ladies, and my Homeschooling Neighbor. It's interesting to hear so many views on one topic. Through it all, I've been trying to gather my thoughts about what I've been ask to speak on... "What Homeschoolers Are."

I'm not there to debate the law. I'm not there to debate our Civil Liberties. I'm there to give the Police Department a Positive Image of What Homeschoolers Are. So, I think I'll notify the Local Homeschooling Group, and ask for a little input from them (why they decided to homeschool, what their day is like, and how they forsee the Curfew affecting their daily routine). Then, I'll compile that data into an outline / notecards and plan to speak for 3-5 minutes.

My neighbor lady is also planning to attend. She's going to speak a bit too, on the same topic. She and I have talked together some and plan to talk some more so that when we speak to the Police, we compliment eachother.

I want to avoid having a pile of Homeschoolers attacking the Police... the Police are just trying to do their job. I also want to give the Police a positive impression of what Homeschoolers can be, as opposed to a bunch of fanatical, anti-government nuts.

I hope I'm doing this thing right. Being involved in the solution has got to be better than sitting back and complaining or fighting.


On another note, I:
  • took the kitten in for her final shot,
  • had playgroup this morning,
  • was given the Gift of a Nap this afternoon,
  • baked A LOT (2 loaves bread, new cookie recipe, banana bread muffins, and 16 rolls),
  • went on a mile-and-a-half walk,
  • had a delicious (simple) dinner of bread, cheese, and meat with juice,
  • and finally had a two-hour heart-to-heart with my friend Amy.
All-in-all, I feel like it was a VERY productive day!

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Heather said...

How is Frank liking being Homeschooled? What Methodology are you using (I know there are several programs out there)and how many hours a day is he doing? Also, are you starting Jack early on Pre-K work while you are working with Frank, and if not, how do you deal with him while Frank is studying? We are already into the 2nd quarter of the school year down here and I was just wondering how it was going up there!