Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Idea from Ravelry

I just have to mention this Yarn site my friend pointed me too. It's called Ravelry.com. It's an online group / forum / journal / inspiration for yarn-users. You can enter your projects, and how much you've done on them. You can rate the project as well as the yarn. You can enter your stash and your supplies. You can look at other peoples work and mark favorite. You can get totally sucked in and never actually WORK with your yarn!

Still, if you are interested in yarn crafts, I'd recommend you request an invitation to join Ravelry (it takes them a few days to send you an email).

That said, I was surfing Ravelry and discovered this DIVINE scarf.


I found a more detailed post on her blog.

I also found a source for the yarn, and added it up... $52! Acghk! For a SCARF!?!?

But it's so pretty...

I also found directions on the technique of creating a woven look, called Entrelac, which I've been admirring. A lady from the Knitting Circle made a headband and then a bag using this technique last winter. I'm glad to know there's a general name for the technique.

Lastly, I found this scarf pattern, using the very same yarn, just all one color instead of different skeins.

One other thing, there are so many beautiful yarns, I'd be tempted to try my own color scheme on a project like this, but I REALLY like the way her's came out.

The only thing I'd be leary of is that I haven't actually touched this yarn and they can be itchy and that would be terrible, but they can be soft and that would be LOVELY!


Charlotte said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous scarf! I don't know a lot about knitting, but maybe you could substitute for a different type of yarn in the same colors and it would cost less. This is the kind of project that makes me want to know how to knit. :)

Nicole said...

That yarn is fabulous! I've seen/touched it, but never worked with it. If you do I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Let me know if you plan on ordering, I always need more yarn.

Dana said...

expensive but gorgeous!