Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Little Frank Time

Lately, it feels like Jack's been getting a lot of time, and so I thought I'd spotlight Frank today. Back in July, on the 30th, we took Frank's training wheels off and took him to the local school. He'd only had this bike for about two weeks, of which he'd been asking for the training wheels to come off for like twelve or thirteen of the days.

July 31st, Erik's Grandad Russ and Grandma Pop (nicknamed because of the "popping" sound she makes with her finger in her cheek) were due to arrive. I wanted to give him the chance to ride his bike without all the extra "help" from more people watching. Plus, taking him early allowed him to show-off what he could do.

I'd read a few methods of teaching bike riding and settled on this...
  1. Wait for the child to want to remove the training wheels.
  2. Once removed, don't reinstall the training wheels.
  3. Take them to a grassy slope.
  4. Put them near the bottom of the slope, and just have them lift their feet from the ground.
  5. Slowly move the child up the hill while having them put their feet on the pedals, and eventually pedaling.
  6. Introduce steering concepts as well as safe stopping (feet down).
  7. Let the child progress, while encouraging and keeping hands off the bike.

It turns out I'd done a lot of reading for nothing. Frank pretty much took right too it. In less than 30 minutes, we were back home with a "two-wheelin' bike-ridin' boy". He's fallen three times TOTAL since that day. He loves riding his bike, and always does so with his helmet on.

Frank LOVES to ride his bike! Yeah Frank!!! :D

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