Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who is this Kid?!?

...and what did you do with my baby?!!

He says his name is "Jack", but when I look at him, with his haircut, and a new "lumberjack" coat, and (most of all) those glasses! I can't help but wonder who this kid is!

As you know, we recently discovered that Jack needs glasses. (Take note of his chin... it's MINE! Both my boys have MY chin! I think it looks cute on them!!!) We spent two days shopping for Indestructible, Jack-Friendly Glasses...

...and then a whole week waiting for them to arrive. Jack took this picture of me with "the ones" (that I think will withstand his abuse, and he likes the bright color (orange) of). They arrived late Monday, and yesterday we went to pick up the glasses. Here Jack is putting them on for the first time...

What I think is most interesting about Jack actually putting on his first pair of Specs is that, instead of letting him look around right away and explore with them, the employee kept putting them on-and-off, fussing with the fit. Remember, this is the kid's FIRST pair of glasses, and FIRST TIME SEEING in a long time (if ever). Now that I think about it, I should have told her to lay off him for a few minutes so he could explore with them a little.

Still, he's happy to have them. Yesterday he didn't want them on too much, but new glasses usually take me a bit to get use to. Today, he had them on more than off. When ask which way he sees better, he sheepishly told me it was "with the glasses".

We've created two "homes" in our house for Jack's Glasses Case... one downstairs by the front door and one up in his room.

Today, I came up with a rhyme for him "On my face, or in my case!"

If I see Jack without his glasses, I immediately ask "Are your glasses on your face or in your case?" and he'll say "I'll go put them in my case!" then run off. At bedtime, I found the glasses neatly put away and in the right spot, so I rewarded him with a "ticket" to be used tomorrow for a reward of his choice. :D

I just wanted to say again though, who is That Kid and what happened to My Baby?!!?!?

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Anonymous said...

You inspire me. You do such a great job! I hope I can get as much done as you seem to when my kids are 1 year older:) I love those cute kids and the glasses are adorable. I think you are going to do great home-schooling and being a representative to the curfew code group. Good for you! SC