Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up - Ice Cream Social Block Party

In response to a friend's post about our weekend, I had the following to say:
Weekend? What weekend?!

I planned an Ice Cream Social for our Street's First Block Party. That was Saturday at 3:33... so, spent the morning and afternoon prepping and the evening cleaning up and recovering. All for just FIVE of FORTY households to come. I was disappointed in the turnout, but I guess I have only myself to blame because I didn't officially tell people about it until Wednesday (I've been talking about it all Summer, but didn't give them the date and time until the week of)... my bad!

The good news is, I got a Bachelor Pad down the street to agree to host a Block Party for 21+ on Halloween night, AND we are planning to do Trick-or-Treating for the kids beforehand, all up and down the street. Several of the bachelor pads were all about doing something for the kids, and very happy about having a grown-up party too!

Also, the town Mayor authorized a last minute drop-off of some barricades, so I could shut the street down for the Ice Cream Social. What I didn't realize was that he also sent the Fire Department out to greet us! It was fun for the kids to climb on the truck and talk with the Firefighters while they (the firefighters) enjoyed some Ice Cream Cones (the kids had already had plenty of junk food!) I think the most fun though was when a call came in and they ran to the truck and took off with lights and siren going!

Another good thing was that we started a Cultural Potluck. My pregnant Mexican neighbor wanted REAL Chinese Food. (What you need to know is that there really isn't any GOOD Chinese or Mexican food here, so, if you want something tasty you have to figure out how to make it or find someone who already knows.) The Chinese and Mongolian ladies each made some food, and a few others of us did too. On Sunday, we had the potluck (which I started out bummed about, because EVERYONE was 30 minutes late arriving). It turned out well though, and we're already planning our Mexican Potluck for October. That one will probably be in my house because we could / should / may have snow and or REALLY COLD temperatures by then!

So. I would have liked to see more people at the Ice Cream Social on Saturday, but it DID lead to some good connections on Sunday, with three future get-togethers set for October.

If you couldn't tell, I'm really trying to activate my neighborhood and create a Sense of Community here! :D
One other thing... brilliant me! I forgot to take pictures of our eating events! All that work and no pictures to show for it! :P


Becky said...

Okay so next summer when I come visit you will I be able to park my trailer where those in the picture are?

SuzyQSparkles said...

Hmm... it'll depend on what's done with the lot between now and then. Some people would like to see a park there, but the city doesn't want to... so, we'd have a lot of fund raising to do. Other people want it to be a parking lot - or at least smoothed out. Still others say it will be over-seeded with "native vegetation" and allowed to regrow.

Somehow, I don't see any of those things happening before next summer though. So, probably it will still be a dirt lot, which is right next to the duplex we own. So, in all practicality, yes, you'll be able to park there, but there are no connections. :D