Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road Trip - California

So, Tom's doing some training classes (for Work) in California for two weeks. We drove over last weekend, spent this weekend sight-seeing and will drive home next weekend. During the weeks (two) the boys and I are exploring and enjoying all sorts of activities. We're in Dublin, California, about 30 miles east of San Fransisco. There is just SO MUCH to see and do here! We're actually WIPED OUT from all the running!

Here are our activities so far:

Friday 19 September - Play date, Final Pack and Load of Van, Nutcracker Auditions
Saturday 20 September - Drive from Wyoming to Lovelock, Nevada, Stride Rite Outlet
Sunday 21 September - Leisurely drive to Dublin, California (missing our freeway turn and thus getting to see the Ocean for the first time on the visit), Stride Rite Outlet, Fry's Electronics, Mall (Dinner), Grocery Shopping
Monday 22 September - Target, Dentist (Suzy - Teeth Cleaning), Goodwill (silverware and dishes for room, small side table)
Tuesday 23 September - Planning, Optometrist (Frank & Suzy), Shopping, Dentist (Tom - Teeth Cleaning), Yarn Shop
Wednesday 24 September - Joanns Superstore, Fry's Electronics, Jelly Belly Factory Tour (45 miles away)
Thursday 25 September - Oakland Museum (30 miles away) via BART (Electric Train), Laundry
Friday 26 September - Target, "Knit This, Purl That" Yarn Shop, McD's (1 hour playtime), Quilt Shop (the first on the trip), Kohl's, Dentist (Tom - Filling), Yarn Shop, Kohl's
Saturday 27 September - Bay Bridge, San Fransisco (2 Hobby Shops), Golden Gate Park, Nudists (run-away!), Golden Gate, Muir Woods, Tilden Valley Steam Trains, Spaghetti Dinner (about 100 miles round trip)
Sunday 28 September - Fry's Electronics, Northern California Renaissance Faire, Mimi's Cafe, Barnes & Nobel, Target (about 160 miles round trip)
Monday 29 September - Laundry, New Tennis Shoes (Suzy), Rest, Optometrist (Suzy, check contact fit), Dentist (Suzy, touch up to cleaning), Groceries

Still Planned:

Tuesday 30 September - Errands, Get ready for Birthday, Tires (Order)
Wednesday 1 October - Frank's 6th Birthday!
Thursday 2 October - Aquarium? Monterey Bay? Other?, Laundry
Friday 3 October - Pack, Load, Reno?
Saturday 4 October - Driving
Sunday 5 October - Arrive back in Wyoming, Unpack

Is it any wonder we're exhausted?!!? I'd wanted to go to the Winchester Mystery House today, but the boys and I are all wiped out and they've been acting up, so, I've been ditching the big outings and doing smaller things as well as spending more time in the hotel room.

I've been quite ponderous while I've been in the city. Perhaps I'll find a moment to blog about it soon.

One thing of note. You know how when you travel and you just want to go home? Well, right now, I have a sense that I just want to go and rest... in Arizona! Even though we've been living in Wyoming for 15 months, when I'm at my most tired, and people ask where I'm from, I'll instinctively say "Arizona" and when they ask for my zip code, I give them my Mesa one. If I'm coherent, I'll say "I'm from Arizona, but I've been living in Wyoming the past year now." I just can't transition to being "from" Wyoming. Somehow, I doubt I ever will.

Post Script:
No providers accept our dental or eye insurance in our area. We've actually been told "there's a shortage of doctor's here; we don't need your buisness." This was in defense of not adjusting their bills to match "usual and customary" insurance charges. So, annual eye exams, glasses, and teeth cleanings happened at the beginning of our trip. Cheaper and just plain easier here. Not to mention, we received superior service and choice of frames. :D

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Becky said...

Eye doctor and dentist on vacation???? I'm confused.