Monday, September 15, 2008

Knit & Crochet - Scarves

This evening I finished up two scarves. I've had them both done for weeks (or months) now, with just the ends to tie in. I needed a break tonight and sat down and did this.

The first I started last November and is my First "Successful" Knitting Project. Two years ago, my friends from the XRC in Arizona, tried to teach several of us to knit. I had trouble because of several things...
  1. I was using aluminum needles.
  2. I was using Fancy Fur type yarn.
  3. I was using the American, Right-Handed Method of Knitting.
So, last Fall, I went to the local Craft shop and explained this to them. They had a scarf sample that I liked. They recommended I use a more natural fiber and bamboo needles. I bought some supplies and then found - which has great online videos. In May, I finally completed my scarf:

I made it using Karen Baumer's Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf pattern. I used a cotton yarn (Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed DK) in blue and red. I started with the blue, but switched to the red at the mid-way point upon the suggestion of a knitting circle I'd been going to most weeks during the Winter and Spring. I like the variety changing the colors added and think it would be fun to do this pattern alternating colors... it's made up of triangles like the blue one you see, so, different colors for each triangle could be fun. For more info about this scarf, and to see HUNDREDS more samples, look on my site on

The second scarf I finished today is a crocheted one of my own design. I made this one to match the fleece hat I enjoyed so much last year. I'm looking forward to being a little more coordinated this winter. :D

This is the third such scarf I've made (one for me, one for Auntie, and another for me). I plan to make SEVERAL more of this exact pattern in different color ways. It's a lovely soft, warm-but-not-hot, scarf. I wore the first one a lot last winter, and kept wishing for other colors.

I use Lion Brand Yarns... Tiffany and MicroSpun Yarns. The microspun is soft and "squishy" and the Tiffany is a super-sensual fake fur type. Together they look like a fuzzy-caterpillar in the making! Certainly not the right mental image for how incredible they feel together!

I now have the yarn, and just need to get busy making them. I made my Aunt's in four (dedicated) days, so, I really could have a pile for myself by the fall.

Anyway, I was glad to finish these two projects off (funny how they've been sitting around all Summer, and a little bit of cold inspired me to get them ready to wear by weaving in the ends!)

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