Monday, June 16, 2008

All in The (Animal) Family

The plan was always to have two cats and a dog in our household.

Casey found her new home, we were going to get a kitten from my sister (her cat didn't bother my allergies). That didn't work out (getting the cat from Sonya), but, last Friday, we stopped at the local Animal Shelter. We came home empty handed, because although we'd been planning on getting new pets, I wanted to check with Tom first. After he gave us The Green Light, Frank and I went back and picked "Ziggy Ziggers" out of the eleven kittens at The Shelter.

At five weeks, she has a nice, playful personality. The most curious thing about her is that she can be purring and crying (complaining) at the same time! We all like her though.
Here's Zoom Zoom first meeting Ziggy.

53 hours after bringing Ziggy home, Zoom Zoom and her were playing together. It was great fun to see! Although my camera was downstairs and we were upstairs! :P

Originally, I'd planned to get a kitten, then in a year (or so) get a puppy. Well, after doing some reading last month, I realized that raising a puppy and kitten together would probably result in a happier animal home.

So, this morning, we went back for a 3-month-old puppy we'd seen on Friday. He was available for adoption at 10:18 this morning. We got there about 30 minutes early, "talked" with the puppy, filled out papers, and I was putting the key in the ignition to leave at 10:18.

Jack is so delighted with his puppy, whom Jack named "Zagawuki"!

I suppose I should explain the names. We have an Alphabet CD from Parents Magazine. It's got one alphabet song at the beginning and then one song for each letter of the alphabet. The "Z Song" is called "Zig, Zag, Zoom!" On a road trip last February, we decided it would be fun to name our new pets Zig and Zag (since we already had a Zoom!)

So, now we have:

Ziggy and Zaggers spent some time following each other around.

After just a few hours they are playing and hanging-out together.

Zoom Zoom will probably take a few more days to adjust to the dog, but on their first meeting, she just pooffed up her fur, arched her back, and glared at Zaggers. Since she's 12 pounds of fur, and he's just six pounds, he sniffed her nose again, turned and walked away... no aggression from him, and no hissing or swatting from her.

I was very unsure about going back to the Pound for Zagawuki... he is VERY little (that's good for the size of our house but not necessarily for little kids). Whenever Jack handles him though, Zagawuki just licks Jack. After a few hours with Zagawuki, I'm happy with him. I think he's going to be very trainable and well-mannered. Oh, they said they think he's a Chihuahua mix.

One other thing, for those of you who knew me while I was pregnant, you will find this part the most humorous of all... while pregnant I often said "we're going to wait to meet our child before we name them; since you don't go to the pound looking for a "Spot" or a "Rover", you find a dog and then name it." Well, now I've done just what I said people "never did"... I went to the pound looking for a "Zig" and a "Zag!"

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Murray said...

Yeah! Too cute, glad you decided to get them at the same time. We had a cat and dog growing up and they were best friends, very, very cute. And thanks for explaining about the names-I was wondering! Looks like your son is tickled pink, lucky boy!!